Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability: a multi-collegiate, interdisciplinary, HyFlex project (E/SI)

April 27, 2022 | 11:15 - 12:15

Location: Room 106/107
Track: Mapping Sustainability

Join in a discussion on how to embed Global Sustainable Development Goals in the college curriculum. Through an Entente Canada-Québec supported project, experiential learning created the opportunity for cross-curricular dialogues across multiple disciplines, involving hundreds of students from four Quebec Colleges. These dialogues have supported campus greenspace expansion through raising awareness on their use and viability. The green spaces range from raised garden beds, to permaculture food forests, to sustainable composting and seed collecting. Each phase of the project, supported through multiple hybrid/HyFlex strategies, including high quality virtual exchanges, now serves as an example for Vanier College in an expansion of CICan supported virtual mobility and in the relatively near future actual mobility initiatives. This next phase in turn, is supported by the CICan Global Skills Opportunity project and includes partners in Malawi and Namibia, Africa.

Session Speakers

David Hoida

Coordinator of Pedagogical Support and Innovation

Vanier College

Gabriel Flacks

Humanities Coordinator

Champlain College

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