Reimagining Approaches to Delivering In-person Indigenous STEAM Programs in a Virtual World (E/SI)

April 28, 2021 | 1:15 - 2:00

Track: Hacking Education

Understanding that Indigenous Peoples have been practicing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) for thousands of years, the KM STEAM Program honours and celebrates the land and its teachings. Developed in partnership with Actua, a national network of 40 university and college members including Canadore College, KM empowers young people to see their future educational and career success in high-skill STEAM fields—while giving them renewed confidence in their Indigenous identity and unique place in the world.

The Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin Indigenous STEAM Program is an educational and career initiative of the School of Indigenous Studies and the First People’s Centre at Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario, developed with its national partner, Actua. Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin means “knowledge springing forth.”

We live in a quickly changing world where competency in the integrated STEAM disciplines will be vital for students to succeed in almost any career they choose. It’s not just the subject matter that’s important in STEAM, but its problem-solving approach that focuses on hands-on (experiential) learning, rooted in the land, and responding to real world challenges and opportunities.

The session will focus on the opportunities and challenges of the pandemic and in leading the transition from face-to-face land-based learning to a virtual environment. The STEAM TEAM embraced the opportunity to modify the approaches and methods applied to the program to animate, develop and deliver STEAM Program.

Session Speakers

Dakota Heon

Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin Steam and Virtual Indigenous STEAM Cultural Advisor

Canadore College

Patricia Chabbert

Manager of Indigenous & Business Relations

Canadore College

Tammy Dokis

Kikandaaswiwin Mookiisin Steam and Virtual Indigenous STEAM Coordinator

Canadore College

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