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Reimagine Higher Education (E) (HE.5)

Track: Hacking Education

Predicting the future is impossible – but seeing the future coming or, put another way, tracking signs of possible futures as they arise, is the work of Reimagine Higher Education.

Disruption is upon us. Higher education no longer teeters on the precipice of disruption – it has arrived and with more to come.

The post-secondary sector is experiencing unprecedented competition from businesses outside the higher education sector, the COVID-19 pandemic has just accelerated our expectations of virtual learning, and the exponential pace of technology in nearly all industries is well documented. Additionally, our sector faces the continuous need for employers to keep the skills of their workforce current, the related demand for personalized learning, and the changing workplace untethered from time and place.

Based on current trends and forecasting, as well as discussions with over 800 faculty, staff, students and external advisors, Reimagine Higher Education builds out six External Forces we believe must be monitored over the decade, and ten Desired States for teaching and learning at NorQuest College in 2030.

Our Desired States build visions for 2030 on topics including the changing role of faculty, alternative credentials, open educational resources (OERs), artificial intelligence, and the importance of anti-racism work within post-secondary, among others.

How do we get to our Desired States by 2030, and how can you build a vision for the future at your own organization? Join this session to explore the future of higher education and learn how to think like a Futurist!

Session Speakers

Heather Kitteringham

Dean, Research and Strategic Enrolment

NorQuest College

Norma Schneider

Vice President, Academic

NorQuest College

Rebecca Bock-Freeman

Senior Executive Associate, Office of the Vice President, Academic

NorQuest College

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