Redrawing the map on micro-credentials: how a rigorous model, deep collaboration, and exacting standards are necessary safeguards for appreciable value (E/SI)

April 27, 2022 | 10:00 - 11:00

Location: Argyle A2
Track: Navigating the Economy

As economies evolve and diversify at accelerating speed, employers and industry need transparent, intuitive ways to verify the competencies in possession of talent pools. Micro-credentials have emerged, in part, to address this. But as they are a nascent solution, the value of which is not yet well understood, panel presenters advocate for developing micro-credentials as a form of currency that appreciates and is backstopped by meaningful assessment, targeted competency development through authentic performance scenarios, and secure issuance. This session will outline a model for micro-credentials that illustrates their value: competency is the ability to demonstrate a specific set of skills and behaviours that, when exercised in concert, allow an individual to perform a workplace function; through meaningful assessment, informed by deep collaboration with industry, post-secondary institutions can target skills development to focus only on gaps; and the attainment of high performance in functional skills is the outcome validated by a recognized and secure micro-credential, enabling employment, career advancement, and better human resources decisions.

Session Speakers

Laura Jo Gunter

President and CEO


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