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Re-imagining the Future of Learning through Technology and Innovation (E) (HE.6)

Track: Hacking Education

Over the last 20 years since the conception of the World Wide Web, there have been dramatic advancements in technology globally. Yet, despite the significant advancements higher education has continued to educate learners within the traditional delivery model with little integration of technology until the global COVID-19 pandemic. The current approach to online education has been to replicate the traditional paradigm of lecture based learning and apply the same approach to online learning. As leaders within post-secondary, we believe that the aged college and university model does not reflect the market’s fast-growing emphasis on informal learning and competencies nor does it meet the needs of today’s learners.

We need to work to further develop micro-credentials that are transferable into other larger credentials within our own institutions and to others. Creating small packaged learning that is validated by industry and creates a credential for the learner that is specific to their career needs, not a cookie cutter credential that is a one size fits all approach.

This campfire session will focus on challenging participants to consider different ways that Canadian Colleges and Institutes can work together to prepare the next generation of learners to be successful in their chosen careers. Presenters will share experiences and perspectives from Red Deer College to showcase innovation and forward thinking with respect to the future of education.

Session Speakers

Kim Hogarth

Associate Dean, School of Continuing Education

Red Deer College

Rodney Holt

Dean, School of Continuing Education

Red Deer College

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