Promote academic success through the use of innovative tools (B)

May 4, 2020 | 14:00 - 15:00

Location: 512 A-G
Track: Wiring for Student Success

High school, Aboriginal or international students all go through a lot of change and adjustment when they arrive at Cégep.

The Cégep de Chicoutimi has designed eight innovative capsules about academic achievement to help equip students throughout their entire learning journey, and help teachers when supporting them.

The capsules, which will be presented during this session, will also be available in English. They address such subjects as: I am motivated, I manage my time, I manage my stress, I use studying strategies, I work in a team, I use computer tools, I am integrating into Cégep, I live in Saguenay/Quebec.

We are looking to collaborate in order to enhance these tools, identify the best way to reach the student population and establish partnerships.

Session Speakers

Annie Girard

Conseillère pédagogique - Développement de formation en ligne

Cégep de Chicoutimi

Manon Chapdelaine

Directrice de la formation continue

Cégep de Chicoutimi

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