Powering the Vision: Educational Equity and Belonging in Action (E/SI)

April 28, 2021 | 1:15 - 2:00

Track: Wiring for Student Success

At Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), we believe that equity is a key lever to transform college education in Canada. As a continuation of the session, we delivered at CICan in 2019 about the launch of our transformational Educational Equity policy, this session will outline our strategic approach to systemic disruption.

With a powerful mandate to be a fully accessible and equity-driven college, we act as a catalyst for substantive change. The panel presenters will use an engaging approach to show how a shared vision for equity and belonging builds the resiliency and resolve needed in today’s complex post-secondary reality.

As a demonstration of success, we will highlight the A’Paqt project, a partnership between the college, community, government and industry, designed to assist more women and Indigenous people in gaining access to the growing oceans sector. Using a culturally-responsive approach, A’Paqt is a prime example of educational equity in action as it supports students from marine training through to labour market connectivity.

Throughout the session, we will share our approach, successes, challenges and lessons learned as we strive to mobilize the college community to embrace equity and excellence to positively impact the economic and social prosperity for all Nova Scotians.

Session Speakers

Cynthia Brown

Academic Chair, NSCC Nautical Institute

Nova Scotia Community College

Jill Provoe

Director, Centre for the Advancement of Educational Equity and Belonging

Nova Scotia Community College

Shawnee LaPorte

Student Services Advisor and Indigenous Supports

Nova Scotia Community College

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