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Pivoting to Digital Delivery of Course Materials (E) (HE.17)

Track: Hacking Education

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the SFU community has had to embrace remote operations across our academic departments and university community. With continuing concerns about limited publisher supply, compliance with physical distancing and classes continuing with remote instruction, the SFU Bookstore had to remain closed for in-person purchasing to adhere to SFU guidelines. Prior to COVID, 80% of the course material was physical books purchased in the bookstore. The bookstore had to pivot to continue to deliver course material and, by partnering with Sr Academic Leadership and VitalSource, launched an online platform to deliver all course material online.

The SFU platform offers a choice to students by aggregating digital and print version options from various partners, which include VitalSource & Campus eBookstore for the digital version and SFU bookstore and Amazon for print versions. Platform partner Vitalsource was able to deliver student choice, reduce overall cost of Course Materials for students by 30-50%, provide free samples for faculty, and meet privacy compliance requirements.
In line with SFU’s core principle of sustainability, the platform has helped us to curtail our carbon footprint through reduced manufacturing and shipping demands while mitigating waste for a greener. The implementation of the platform was met with numerous challenges which include, publisher rights, faculty sample copies, technical integrations, privacy requirements, data protection, & communication, amongst others. However, by working in partnership with all stakeholders, we were able to launch the platform successfully.

Session Speakers

Anna Jun

Manager, SFU Bookstore Spiritshop

Simon Fraser University

Sid Mehta

Senior Director, Ancillary Services

Simon Fraser University

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