Nurturing the Equity Ecosystem: Purposeful Disruption in Pursuit of Equity and Excellence (E)

May 5, 2020 | 11:30 - 12:30

Location: 210 H
Track: Governing Excellence

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) believes that excellence in equity is a key lever to transform college education in Canada. In this moderated panel presentation, NSCC’s Equity Leadership Team will outline their process in developing Canada’s first Equity Ecosystem for its college community. Presenters will also discuss how it is culturally grounded in a Nova Scotian context and its potential to align collective equity efforts striving for systemic disruption.

For context, NSCC’s equity vision is to be a fully accessible and equity-driven college as we work to be a catalyst to positively impact the quality of life in Nova Scotia’s communities. Inspired by the Afrocentric principle of Ubuntu and the Mi’kmaq concept of Netukulimk, the Equity Ecosystem mobilizes the college to collective action through deliberate connection in support of faculty, staff and student success.

Session Speakers

Jill Provoe

Senior Advisor, Educational Equity

Nova Scotia Community College

Joe Fraser

Director, Diversity and Inclusion

Nova Scotia Community College

Jude Gerrard

Senior Advisor, Mi'kmaq and Indigenous Initiatives

Nova Scotia Community College

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