Navigating Uncharted Waters with New Sailors (E/SI)

April 27, 2022 | 1:30 - 2:30

Location: Argyle A1
Track: Governing the Vessel

Navigating uncharted waters describes Northern College during the pandemic. As the smallest college in the Ontario system, our communities needed us, our students needed us, and our system was struggling. Also uncharted was the fact we were new ‘sailors’ onboard the ship. Only one member of the 7-member senior management team is in the same role as pre pandemic. Not only was this uncharted, in some circumstances it involved building the ship as we navigated upstream. We had many successes in managing the pandemic, however, we learned a great deal, and now as a team who has weathered the pandemic while being new to our executive roles, we are reflecting on what was learned and what needs to happen next. Let’s talk about how we managed to build capacity, manage governance, define best practices, have no outbreak, keep all programs open and maintain staff and faculty, while working with our Board of Governors to build positive outcomes.

Session Speakers

Audrey Penner

President and CEO

Northern College

Mitch Dumas

Vice President, Corporate Services

Northern College

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