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“Navigating Applied Research in Uncertain Times: Methods to Survive and Thrive” (E) (DI.5)

Track: Driving Innovation

This year has brought significant uphill battles for College collaborative research operations. This is due to shutdowns, restarts, shifting college operations in general, company and employee hardships, COVID restrictions and precautions, and student hardships. This has made completing research projects and innovation in general tough to accomplish. Through all of this Lambton College along with all colleges have been able to push through and, in some cases, succeed and advance their innovation. While there are many reasons for this, the main factors are: adaptability, innovative thinking, caring and compassion. While I cannot get into every possible reason and no list is complete, these are the main factors we have had success. Adaptability means utilizing existing expertise and infrastructure to the best of its ability. The primary focus of this is on each college team. Having a team that can work both at home effectively and in the office along with proper scheduling and can lessen the impact of a shutdown or slowdown in on site work. Innovation in both attracting new revenue and helping out local and regional industry with their current business and shift to thrive in a new pandemic environment.
Lastly, caring and compassion is vital as your staff will have to respect the supervisor and the research that is occurring. With all these tools at hand this can help college research thrive in a pandemic environment and be adapted to a changing future as well.

Session Speakers

Stephen Reaume

Associate Director

Lambton College

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