Miyo Wâhkôhtowin: building a collaborative model for post-secondary indigenization (E/SI)

April 24, 2023 | 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

Stream: Advancing Indigenous Education
Location: 520 DEF

For the past five years, Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Confederation College have worked collaboratively to learn from each other and share best practices regarding indigenization of their institutions. This collaboration has resulted in the Miyo Wâhkôhtowin model, a published guide of best practices for the two authoring institutions, as well as being available for sharing with other polytechnics and colleges. The aim of the model is to support students, faculty and administration in efforts to incorporate Indigenous voices, perspectives and practices throughout the institution. This presentation will share this process and the resulting work leading to the Miyo Wâhkôhtowin model with the CICan community, and gather further examples of best practices from those attending. This collaborative presentation and discussion represent a next step, continuing the efforts of the past five years. This can build additional resources to support miyo wâhkôhtowin, or good relations, to extend these efforts beyond the original authors of the model to assist post-secondary institutions throughout Canada and beyond in efforts to work with Indigenous communities.

Barbara Gustafson, Dean, School of Human Services and Community Safety, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Deanna Speidel, Director, Indigenous Strategy, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
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