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Micro-Certifications in City School: Building the Future of Education (E) (HE.4)

Track: Hacking Education

City School by Mohawk was created to address poverty through education for underserved communities in and around Hamilton, Ontario. City School serves individuals facing barriers to education and employment by making learning outcomes more concrete and attainable, finding tangible and meaningful ways to acknowledge success, and building and reinforcing learner self-efficacy.

Micro-Certifications have been used in City School as a potent, practical, and empowering tool for meeting these outcomes. City School’s Micro-Certifications provide industry-recognized Mohawk College certifications to students who demonstrate proficiency in specific skill sets that have been identified by employers. Curriculums for Micro-Certifications have been co-developed with employer input and are streamlined and focused, so that potential employees learn the exact skills that they will need to obtain entry-level employment in prosperous and stable employment sectors.

This presentation will show participants three key applications of Micro-Certifications in City School. We will outline the applicable project, including the industry, occupations, and employers of focus. Participants will then be challenged to explore how Micro-Certifications can be (further) applied in their own organizations.

Session Speakers

Gwen Zeldenrust

Academic Manager, Community Partnerships and Learning

Mohawk College

Jody Brown

Manager, Community Access and Engagement

Mohawk College

Marla Robinson

Special Projects Academic Coordinator, Community Partnerships and Learning

Mohawk College

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