Managing Risk in an Age of Disruption: International Students and the Diversification Imperative (E/SI)

May 7, 2019 | 09:45 - 10:30

Location: Peller D
Track: Going Global

Welcoming a diverse group of international students to Canadian college campuses is more than just good business practice, it supports broad internationalization objectives and helps to ensure a diversity of perspectives and experiences in classrooms, on campuses and in communities across Canada. As the recall of Saudi Arabian students in the summer of 2018 demonstrated, international education markets are susceptible to shocks whether they be economic, social, or political in nature. In an age of disruption, relying too heavily on too few markets for international student enrolments is a risky proposition, but a strong market diversification strategy can help mitigate that risk. This session will present the results of new research, targeted surveying of CICan membership and provide key insights into opportunities and challenges related to market diversification as well as market entry strategies to consider in developing such approaches.

Session Speakers

Andrew Champagne

Specialist, Marketing and Recruitment

Colleges and Institutes Canada

Craig Riggs

Editor, ICEF Monitor


Mark Butler

Director, International Centre

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

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