LEAP Talks – Incubation Inspires Innovation (EN/SI)

May 7, 2019 | 09:45 - 10:30

Location: 225
Track: Entrepreneurial Approaches

Fanshawe’s LEAP Junction is showcasing student entrepreneurial sprit and academic collaboration through an innovative new industry talk series, LEAP Talks. Believing aspiring entrepreneurs can be found in every discipline, LEAP Junction partners with faculty to deliver curriculum specific entrepreneurial conversations with creative, local entrepreneurs. “Your Band as Your Business” ( Music Industry Arts), “Popping Up” (Fashion Merchandising and Marketing) and “Storytelling for Start-ups” ( Lawrence Kinlin School of Business) are a few examples. LEAP Junction will facilitate a panel of three young Fanshawe entrepreneurs to share their experiences with Fanshawe’s summer incubator program. They will share their stories of collaboration, collision and aha moments. You will learn how a “travelling” incubator, that includes empathy walks, journaling, and brag and drag sessions, inspires individual innovation, fosters collaboration and builds community for young entrepreneurs.

Session Speakers

Annette Markvoort

Manager, Innovation Village

Fanshawe College

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