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It takes a Village to Change the Way we Think about Learning. An Invitation to Explore Fanshawe’s Innovation Village (E) (HE.1)

Track: Hacking Education

The workforce is ever-changing, and it is our responsibility as educators, to ensure students are prepared to meet the needs of employers. Fanshawe, having recognized the need to establish a future-focussed strategy created and promises to deliver to every student a Signature Innovative Learning Experience (SILEx). Building on a track record of innovative teaching practices, the teaching and learning strategy will encourage and support an ever-expanding number of high-value experiential and interdisciplinary learning activities for students, integrating employer supported job skills for the future. In essence, students will have opportunities to be creative and innovative, working on real-world problems and opportunities presented to them by client organizations from the business, non-profit and public sectors.

The need for Innovation Village in Fanshawe’s future has in recent months, come more sharply into focus. COVID-19 has had a rapid and significant impact on our current teaching practices Only cultural transformation will enable more internal innovation, seamless collaboration, and a new mindset for how we work.
Join Annette Markvoort the Manager of Fanshawe’s Innovation Village as she explores this new mindset with CityStudio London Manager, Mischa Schlemmer, Professor of Interior Design Natalie Rowe and one of her brilliant students. Together they will uncover the importance of a village mentality to engage community partners, develop processes, provide platforms, and use everything within our reach, including hardhats, to build experiential learning opportunities for our students.

Session Speakers

Annette Markvoort

Manager, Innovation Village

Fanshawe College

Mischa Schlemmer

Manager, CityStudio London

Pillar Nonprofit Network

Natalie Rowe

Professor, Honours Bachelor of Interior Design (BID), Faculty of Creative Industries

Fanshawe College

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