Is your institution more like Sears or Amazon? (E)

May 5, 2019 | 14:45

Track: Thought Forums

How prepared is your post-secondary for the future? Are you ready for the next generation of learners who have started cherry picking skills and courses? Is your institution looking to expand and innovate online like Amazon, or do you believe bricks and mortar are the past, present and future of post-secondary education? Do your program and course offerings look more like a Sears wish book or an Amazon wish list? Do you see more textbooks, e books or Apps in your institution’s future? Does your institution have a future, or should we move towards one college for all of Canada? Come and share your thoughts on what Canada’s post-secondary future will look like.

Session Speakers

Bill Best


Cambrian College

Randall Heidt

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

North Island College

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