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International Student Crossroads IV: Demand for Canada during the COVID-19 Pandemic (E) (GG.6)

Track: Going Global

Featuring results from the highly anticipated International Student Crossroads IV Survey, this session will explore international student attitudes, sentiment, and intent in regard to studying abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic and what this means for Canada. Speakers will discuss international student perceptions of major destination countries and their handling of the pandemic, attitudes toward online study and transnational education, and students’ mindsets toward vaccinations and quarantine. As the fourth iteration of IDP’s Crossroads research, the session will also explore longitudinal observations in students’ responses and intent toward studying abroad. These latest student insights will be used to forecast future on-campus study demand and provide a short-term outlook for 2021 enrolment.

Over the past year, IDP Connect’s Crossroads research series has given students a voice during a very uncertain time, played a critical role in lobbying to governments, and provided institutions with the granular data they needed to make the right decisions in a fast-paced and difficult environment.

Session Speakers

Christine Wach

Director of Client Partnerships

IDP Connect Canada

Jonah Duffin

Director of External Relations

IDP Connect

Mike Henniger

Senior Consultant

IP Connect Canada

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