Innovations in Reconcili-Action (E/SI)

April 26, 2021 | 1:45 - 2:45

Track: Thought Forum

Join colleagues from across the country to share innovative approaches and practices making reconciliation a reality on your campuses through concrete actions.

This discussion will be guided by the seven principles of CICan’s Indigenous Education Protocol:

* Making Indigenous education an institutional priority
* Ensuring governance structures recognize and respect Indigenous peoples
* Implementing intellectual and cultural traditions of Indigenous peoples in curriculum and learning approaches
* Strengthening understanding and reciprocity on campuses
* Increasing the number of Indigenous employees and administrators
* Offering Indigenous-centred holistic support services and learning environments
* Building relationships with Indigenous communities in support of self-determination through education, training, and applied research.

Judi-Varga-Toth, Manager, ImpAct Partnership Services, Government Relations & Canadian Partnerships
Taranjett Sing Manchanda, SDG Officer, ImpAct Parthership Service, CICan
Casey Canes, Alumni, Grand Prairie College
Selena DeWolf, Student, Agricultural College of Dalhousie University
Kaylsa Hickok, Student, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Felicia Fischer, Student, Vancouver Island University

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