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Innovation of Food Infrastructure (E) (DI.1)

Track: Driving Innovation

Our food system is changing. There’s increasing demand for higher nutritious value products and demand for clearer guidance towards our health as adult food consumers. The government of Canada has changed our food guide and is working to change the front-of-package food labeling. In France Nutri-score was developed, a labeling system that ranks nutritional value of products, and has been expanded across Europe. Meanwhile, Israel adopted front-of-package labels displaying high in sodium, high in sugar, high in fats. How can something as food, which is so vital and essential in our lives still pass by us so easily as an arbitrary element? We are just starting to respect its function and outcomes in people and for the Earth. As education providers, how could colleges and institutes do more for our young generations and seek better solutions to provide nutritious food on campuses?

Session Speakers

Yasmin Gardy

Student, Food Technology

British Columbia Institute of Technology

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