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Innovation in Applied Research delivered through a Human-centered Design Approach (E) (DI.7)

Track: Driving Innovation

Camosun Innovates, the applied research centre at Camosun College, has grown significantly over the last few years. Through applied research projects, we have hired new staff and increased the number of students and faculty working within the centre. To manage this growth and maintain a consistent culture of innovation delivered through applied research, we have created a structure, or methodology, based on a human-centered design approach. I will present an overview of this structure and use examples from our work to illustrate the impact this is having on our centre, College, and community partners. In addition, I will outline the steps we are taking to support curriculum through the delivery of online modules that describe our structured approach to applied research.

Session Speakers

Richard Burman

Faculty Leader, Applied Research, Camosun Innovates

Camosun College

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