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Indigenous Virtual Learning Basket – Support, Connect & Thrive (E) (WSS.1)

Track: Wiring for Student Success

Connecting Learning Management Systems and each other to support Indigenous students to thrive in a virtual learning environment.

Encouraging/promoting Indigenous student success in a virtual learning environment through connection, grounding, and wholistic supports.

Explore Mohawk College’s Virtual Learning Basket (VLB), an open and free video learning series, that was created to prepare Indigenous students to thrive in an online learning environment by bundling knowledge from
peers, alumni, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and educators.

As a participant, you will be guided through the VLB in the Canvas Learning Management System. You will explore our intentional design format, consisting of modular and accessible content, and experience the student learning materials. Grounded in the Aspects of Being, we provide learners with practical tips and strategies to succeed in their virtual learning environments and help students address their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational needs.

Students have the opportunity to share their own remote learning experiences and voices within the VLB.

Additionally, after completing the VLB, students receive a gift card for any additional technology supplies they need to support their learning. One of these gifts is the Wisdom Deck – an inspirational deck of cards created in collaboration with community partners. The deck is filled with uplifting words from Elders and community members, as well as favourite sayings and quotes for trying times selected by participants from works that have inspired them. The cards offer students words of encouragement, confidence, and fortitude while they are learning from home.

Session Speakers

Carlie Myke

Indigenous Initiatives and Access Coordinator

Mohawk College

Jessica Pearce

Curriculum Development Specialist, Indigenous Education

Mohawk College

Leah Hogan

Manager, Indigenous Education

Mohawk College

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