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Implementing a Ludic Pedagogy: Making Courses more Fun than they Sound (E) (HE.7)

Track: Hacking Education

This presentation introduces the practice of “ludic pedagogy.” Each of the four pillars of ludic pedagogy – play, fun, playfulness, and humour – will be described and validated using existing research. This session is based in both best practices and established literature and considers why and how each of the pillars of ludic pedagogy can benefit college students and their learning environment. The presenters will provide examples from their own teaching to serve as inspiration for adopting a ludic pedagogy (for example, what is an “epic finale,” and how can you design a whole course around a popular television show?). The session will encourage participants to consider what they may have already done to incorporate a ludic pedagogy into their own teaching, and how these creative practices can be expanded or augmented. The session will conclude by providing direction and encouragement relative to how participants can foster the implementation of ludic pedagogy in new and different ways with an aim to making the academic experience in college both fun and memorable for students and faculty alike.

Session Speakers

Sharon Lauricella

Associate Professor

Ontario Tech University

T. Keith Edmunds


Assiniboine Community College

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