Impact of Research and Training Facility Integration on Improving Teaching and Learning (E/SI)

May 6, 2019 | 15:45 - 16:30

Location: 207-208
Track: Innovative Education

Lambton College’s Centre of Excellence in Energy & Bio-industrial Technologies (COE) includes distinctive programs, applied research as well as community, and industry engagement initiatives that create an innovative education model. The COE provides superior applied post-secondary technology programming and training to students and supports industry and businesses through applied research activities. The COE consists of labs and pilot space in close proximity to teaching and applied research. The COE has built a unique culture of collaboration among academia and research. Faculty and students are exposed to academic and research activities that they may not have been exposed to prior. This has helped attract more students and faculty to research and improved curriculum and course content. Enhanced awareness of academia among researchers has led to the development of capstone or course-based projects from existing applied research projects and industry partnerships. The intentional integration and proximity of research and teaching in a shared building with highly visible labs has also led to strong engagement of research staff in the development of coursework and lab lessons.

Session Speakers

Dave Machacek

Dean, School of Technology, Energy and Apprenticeship

Lambton College

Mehdi Sheikhzadeh

Executive Dean, Applied Research and Innovation

Lambton College

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