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How Much Stress Hurts? – International Students, Mental Health, and Potential Impact on Services and Communities (E) (WSS.5)

Track: Wiring for Student Success

As international educators, we strive to create inclusive and supportive services to assist students to settle and thrive in their new environments and learning spaces. Yet how do we ensure that the supports and services provided are meaningful to the needs of the students? This session explores preliminary results of innovative research initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic at a small rural college in Northern British Columbia by following first year international students longitudinally in a comprehensive approach to assess the impact of adjusting to a new environment and education system. We looked into international students perceived mental health and wellbeing during this adjustment, to shed light on the practical aspects of services and resources provided. We will continue to learn about their mental health and wellbeing as they further their education and immersion in a new community.

Session Speakers

Megan Karpenko

Junior Researcher, Applied Research and Innovation Department

College of New Caledonia

Rachelle Munchinsky

Project Lead, International Education

College of New Caledonia

Romana Pasca

Manger, International Projects, Partnerships and Global Education, Office of Global Engagement

North Island College

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