From Empathy to Insight: Using Design Thinking in the Classroom for Social Innovation (E/SI)

May 6, 2019 | 11:00 - 12:00

Location: 225
Track: Entrepreneurial Approaches

As part of an Ideation and Innovation course, student teams used a Design Thinking approach to work on a social innovation project. They focused on fostering greater inclusion for often-marginalized student populations on campus. In this conference session, the project facilitator will include a brief overview of: 1) the Design Thinking approach, 2) how the project was developed and administered, 3) the results generated by students, and 4) lessons learned. Participants will have the opportunity to explore some Design Thinking (DT) tools; specifically those associated with the Empathy phase of DT, and to consider how they might apply them in their own contexts. Subject to the interest of those attending the session, this will be balanced with opportunity for Q&A about the project itself. 

Session Speakers

Tabea Berg

Academic Chair, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, JR Shaw School of Business

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

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