Fostering the development of a robust and ethical data culture in Quebec’s college network (F/SI)

April 24, 2023 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Stream: Transforming Leadership and Governance
Location: 520 ABC

For many years, Quebec’s college network has sought to develop a rich and sustainable academic assessment culture based on a high-level regulatory framework with solid local roots. In particular, wide-ranging deliberations support the continuous improvement of support aimed at ensuring and maintaining academic success, student aid and program quality. However, the use of data and digital intelligence with a view to fostering and deepening this analytical process often evokes strong reactions at the institutional level. The emergence of new decision-making tools, especially those relying on complex algorithms or artificial intelligence, can serve to exacerbate these reactions. In that light, how do we develop a healthy approach to data within our institutions? How do we ensure consistency with our teaching mission? How do we respect individuals in all facets of their lives? In addressing the challenges associated with developing a robust and ethical data culture within our institutions, what tools (both local and collective) are required? In a format focusing on discussion and the sharing of best practices, members of the data and digital intelligence team of the student affairs division of Quebec’s Fédération des cégeps will conduct an interactive presentation on the development of data literacy within Quebec’s college network. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect more deeply on related issues and will come away with new ideas that can be implemented at the institutional level.

Catherine Paquin-Boivin, Analyste, Équipe Données et intelligence numérique, Direction des affaires éducatives, Fédération des cégeps
Daniel Lavoie, Conseiller stratégique, Équipe Données et intelligence numérique, Direction des affaires éducatives, Fédération des cégeps
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