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Finding Solutions to the Challenges of the Pandemic: Lessons Learned from the Inno-V Project (F) (HE.15)

Track: Hacking Education

Combine design thinking techniques, the Miro software, the Hopin platform, coaching skills, participants from different backgrounds, three judges and seven hours of creativity and you have the perfect recipe to prepare the first steps of an innovation incubator. During this session, you will have the opportunity to listen to three panellists who participated in the “Inno-V” event as an organizer, a coach-specialist and a participant, respectively. The panellists will explain how innovative educational solutions responding to the challenges of the pandemic were employed to take the first steps to launch a new service, which can help students in the Outaouais region. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to apply this innovative structure involving diverse internal and external partners to solve everyday problems in their own environments. This problem-solving approach has the advantage of achieving multiple benefits in a very short period of time. It can be applied to both small and large groups, and also to multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary challenges. The presentation will include some examples from the “Inno-V” event with three different perspectives that can help participants better understand the roles of the various stakeholders in this type of exercise.

Session Speakers

Geneviève Bonin-Labelle

Associate Academic Dean

CÉGEP Heritage College

Marie-Ève Riou

Project Manager


Robert Cousineau

Lawyer and Lecturer

CÉGEP Heritage College

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