Evaluating Academic Effectiveness through Quality Teaching and Learning, Research, and Student Success (E/SI)

April 25, 2023 | 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Stream: Supporting Teaching, Learning and Student Success
Location: 518

How can we advance teaching and learning if we are not evaluating the efficacy of what we teach and how we teach it? To evaluate the efficacy, what must we measure and what are we benchmarking against? A comprehensive academic effectiveness framework allows institutions to plan, collect, analyze, and evaluate academic data to identify and implement corrective action. Together, these steps assist in the maintenance and enhancement of academic effectiveness. In conjunction with an academic effectiveness framework, a strong research strategy will ensure new knowledge and skills are transferred from faculty to learners. Both the scholarship of teaching and learning and applied research enhance academic excellence through knowledge generation and dissemination. These vital operational efforts provide learners with opportunity to access industry insights before entering their chosen fields and assist in yielding positive outcomes that are critical to institutional direction, positioning, and sustainability. Each facilitate and support decision-making that is informed and relevant, ensuring continuous improvement remains at the forefront. This campfire offers insights into Canadore College’s launch of an Academic Effectiveness and Quality Management Framework, as well as its Research Centre Strategy, and how each of these initiatives work together to advance Teaching and Learning and Student Success.

Alyssa Dean, Academic Effectiveness and Quality Management Officer, Canadore College
Christina DeRoche, Director, Research Centre, Canadore College
Deidre Bannerman, Director, Academic Centre of Excellence, Canadore College