Ethical evaluation issues surrounding research conducted by students within the framework of a college course (F/SI)

April 24, 2023 | 9:45 am - 10:45 am

Stream: Supporting Teaching, Learning and Student Success
Location: 518

Expectations regarding the ethical evaluation of research conducted by students within a course framework are clearly set out in the policy statement issued by the three federal research agencies, namely the Ethics of Research Involving Humans 2 (2022). These benchmarks, although explicit, pose various application-related challenges. During this discussion session, the main aspects of ethical evaluation will be addressed, including the evaluation criteria; participants’ consent; commitments to confidentiality and privacy; and research risks. In their response to the questions raised and to lead the discussion, the guest speakers will set out the main issues and will propose suggestions to support faculty members, professional staff, and managers in the development of “introduction to research” pedagogical activities, which take place in various academic programs and must comply with ethical principles governing research with humans. In addition, the presenters will lead a discussion on potential scenarios involving the ethical evaluation of research with humans conducted within the framework of a college course.

Lynn Lapostolle, Directrice générale, Association pour la recherche au collégial
Marie Briand, Conseillère pédagogique à la recherche, Cégep de Jonquière
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