Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion as the Blueprint for Strong Institutions and Sustainable Communities (E/SI)

April 24, 2023 | 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Stream: Embracing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Location: 519

Niagara College is built on strong internal partnerships. These include a unique meaningful working relationship between the College’s executive team and Student Administrative Council, reflected in the establishment of a joint diversity and inclusion taskforce in January 2020. The taskforce included an equal number of students and employees working together to learn from internal departments and external partner organizations, and to conduct extensive consultations with members of the college community. The collective wisdom that emerged through these consultations formed the basis of the College’s ambitious Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Blueprint, launched in Winter 2023. The implementation plan for this Blueprint involves identifying EDI Catalysts as we continue to partner to maintain and further a strong, sustainable commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive community. These Catalysts will lead cross-functional teams that will use the actions outlined in the Blueprint as the foundation for their cross-functional work. In this session, the College’s Senior Vice-President of College Operations, President of the Student Administrative Council, Director of the Centre for Professional and Organizational Development, and Workplace Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Manager provide an overview of how we have and will continue to partner across the college every step of the way through the conceptualization, drafting, and implementation of our EDI Blueprint. The objective of this session is to share and invite lessons learned about the value of collective wisdom in building strong institutions and sustainable communities in partnership with students.

Julie Stitt, Director, Centre for Professional and Organizational Development, Niagara College
Pamela Skinner, Senior Vice President of College Operations, Niagara College
Sam Jemison, President, Niagara College Student Administrative Council, Niagara College
Samah Sabra, Workplace Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Manager, Niagara College
Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 10
Reduced Inequality
Goal 11
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Goal 16
Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
Goal 17
Partnerships to achieve the Goal