Empowering RDP and NTI’s Partnership for Enhancing Trades and Technology Programming in the Caribbean (E/SI)

April 24, 2023 | 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

Stream: Building and maintaining strong Industry Partnerships
Location: 513
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Global partnerships in education are essential to expanding quality programming in less developed countries, including small island countries. It is important that Canadian post-secondary institutions collaborate with international institutions to support enrolment in higher education, including vocational and technical training. This session will outline the framework used to build and execute a successful mutually beneficial long-term international partnership. Over the last 15 years Red Deer Polytechnic (RDP) and the NESC Technical Training Institute (NTI) in Trinidad and Tobago have worked together to develop a strong partnership and framework focused on technical trades training and faculty development and mentorship within Trinidad and Tobago. RDP assisted NTI in the development of curriculum and assessments for nine technical trades programs. NTI evolved the programming into their own diploma programs over time and RDP has continued to provide quality assurance and faculty training and mentorship. This collaborative model allows graduates to work within the Caribbean or they can challenge the Trades Qualification Examination for Journeyman Certification in Alberta, Canada, which provides international recognition for the Diploma programs offered in Trinidad and Tobago. With over 700 current students and over 375 graduates the partnership has been a successful partnership for both institutions, the graduates, and employers.

Kern Dass, President, NESC Technical Training Institute
Rafael Mohammed, Vice President, Student Services, NESC Technical Training Institute
Stuart Cullum, President, Red Deer Polytechnic
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