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Developing Entrepreneurs in a Real-World Environment (E) (DI.4)

Track: Driving Innovation

Businesses continue to evolve, never more so than in today’s disruptive eco-social environment. The challenge for business colleges is to adapt and maintain relevance to students entering a new-world, with new-norms. At Sheridan Pilon School of Business, we have focused on preparing our fourth year BBA students to enter tomorrow’s real-world, by partnering with entrepreneurs and start-ups. Critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and entrepreneurship are critical competencies that students gain from the Integrated Industry Projects capstone course. While our partners gain either “gold nuggets” or in many cases a “gold vein” from student insights. Partners, in most cases, have implemented student recommendations, whether it’s a SEO word search, warehouse location, hiring policy, financing option or suggested pro-forma P/L.

Moving to virtual classrooms has not diminished the quality of engagement with our partners and student applied learning. Multi-disciplinary teams are set-up as consulting practices, that journey through strategic to operational plan phases, challenging our partner’s current state to build an improved future state business plan. Phased deliverables are submitted to our partners for review and feedback. Student teams then build out the next phased deliverable, applying best practice strategic management tools and business skills, like project management.

The presentation will cover course design, partner engagement and the student experience. Key takeaways will include:
1) Online real-world partner-student engagement and learning,
2) Applying strategic management to an entrepreneur or start-up company,
3) Benefits of the BBA Capstone program.

Session Speakers

Aseel Shammas

Graduate, Pilon School of Business

Sheridan College

Tony J. Read

Professor of Business Strategy and Information Systems, BBA Capstone Champion, Pilon School of Business

Sheridan College

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