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Culturally Responsive Student Success Routes: Fostering Relationships to Create Inclusive Post-Secondary Learning Environments (E) (WSS.2)

Track: Wiring for Student Success

Entering post-secondary education can be a difficult transition for students under the best circumstances. When social, economic, and cultural disadvantages are also a part of the equation, one’s ability to thrive is greatly compromised. This presentation shares the lived experiences of program alumni correlated to research findings from the student-centered study, Mapping the Success Route for Indigenous Paramedic Students.

Mapping the Success Route for Indigenous Paramedic Students, a qualitative research study, offered the opportunity to discover, address, and champion Indigenous student success within the Paramedic programs at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Research findings included four key themes: navigating systems, building community, nurturing growth, and celebrating success. Each theme encompassed four sub-themes, revealing leverage points in enhancing Indigenous student success within the Paramedic programs. Findings from this study connected with the four goals of Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Miyo Wahkohtowin: 2018-2023 Indigenous Student Success Strategy already in place and uncovered the significant need to materialize goals tied to the framework in an actionable manner.

Presenters will explore leverage points and offer recommendations towards enhancing Indigenous student success across post-secondary programs. Recommendations embrace enhancing student preparedness strategies, leveraging resources already in place, expanding learner pathways, growing faculty, and slowing down to celebrate successes. Join us to learn more about fostering an inclusive post-secondary learning environment that is culturally responsive to the needs of post-secondary students, embraces diversity and empowers Indigenous learners.

Session Speakers

Dakota Laliberte

Primary Care Paramedic

Saskatchewan Health Authority - North West Region

Lindsey Boechler

Research Chair, Centre for Health Research, Improvement and Scholarship

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

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