Crowd sourcing: a long-term plan and values (E/SI)

April 27, 2022 | 11:15 - 12:15

Location: Argyle A1
Track: Governing the Vessel

Across Canada’s civil society and non-profit sector there is a rising interest in the potential value of crowd-sourced, or distributed, decision-making. Does this decentralized approach to organizational governance make sense for the post-secondary sector?

As a registered society, Columbia College has an active and engaged membership that must be consulted on all questions of strategic importance. During this session you’ll hear Mark Friesen and Robin Hemmingsen describe the approach used to crowd-source the College’s new strategic plan and core values from all 200+ society members. In the context of the global pandemic the College team deployed a range of innovative tools to enable dialogue and generative co-creation to establish a long-term vision for the future. Attendees will learn how to use crowd-sourcing tools such as graphic recording, generative thinking, and three horizons planning approach to engage diverse departments in framing the future direction of the College.

Session Speakers

Mark Friesen

Executive Director, Institute for Equity and Advancement in Education

Columbia College

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