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Connecting students with People who Care(er): Post-secondary professionals as ‘Everyday Career Influencers’ (E) (WSS.4)

Track: Wiring for Student Success

While students have cited enhancing career prospects and career advancements as a major motivation behind pursuing post-secondary education, numerous studies have found that students rarely visit their university or college career centres. Instead, they are likely to seek career help from those they trust within their personal network, such as professors, academic advisors, and volunteer managers; these Career Influencers often informally provide career advice, guidance, and counselling without career development background and training.

This brief session describes the perspectives of faculty and staff members as natural Career Influencers: how they saw their impact on student career development, and resources and supports they believe would enhance student career success. Attendees will have an opportunity to reflect and consider how they can engage Career Influencers at their institutions, and possibly, realize how they might potentially – if not, already – contribute as Career Influencers.

By the end of the session, participants will:

* recognize how higher and tertiary education professionals can influence student career development and success,
* identify professionals serving as Career Influencers at their institutions,
* devise ways to engage professionals in promoting career education/resources.

Session Speakers

Candy Ho

Assistant Professor, Integrative Career and Capstone Learning

University of the Fraser Valley

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