Connect the Dots: International Diversity and Student Success as a Function of Internal and External Data Metrics (E/SI)

May 4, 2020 | 09:30 - 10:30

Location: 510
Track: Going Global

Schools need to make informed, data-driven decisions (guided by human wisdom and experience) in reaching for the recruitment of greater student diversity and those students most likely to achieve academic success. With these goals in mind, many challenges exist, including defining appropriate internal and external data sources, ensuring their timeliness and accuracy, and merging them into clear and actionable objectives relative to institutional, sector, provincial, national and international contexts. Additional problems include leveraging this information for engaged expectation-setting of institutional and external stakeholders.

Taking the experience ApplyBoard and ICEF, leaders in sector data, recruitment, and relationship- management, along with a case study from Bow Valley College, this presentation addresses solutions to a number of these problems: sources of internal and external, national and international data; the collection and parsing of this data into meaningful and actionable efforts; the role of collective and anecdotal professional experience as filter; the evaluation of data sources pre- and post-initiative; challenges and mitigations to various data sources; and the use of these results for effective internal and external stakeholder buy-in.

Session Speakers

Derek Lemieux

Director International Education

Bow Valley College

Sarah Mines

Vice President, Sales


Uri Carnat

Director - Strategic Partnerships


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