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Competition Beyond Borders: Changes in International Student Demand and Recruitment Strategies in Canada, the US, and UK (E) (GG.5)

Track: Going Global

Canada has seen strong and steady growth in international student demand over the past several years, providing a reliable source of applications for Canadian institutions. It could be argued that the growth has been driven, in large part, by immigration policies and geopolitics rather than sophisticated, modern recruitment strategies utilized by Canadian institutions. What can Canada expect as the political climate in the USA changes and the UK opens its borders to international students? What lessons can Canada learn from the strategies being utilized in competitor destinations?

In this session, IDP Connect will share findings extrapolated from their latest student surveys, Demand Tracker tool, and student placement data. Speakers will discuss real-time search demand trends for Canada, the UK, and USA and how those trends are shifting. Furthermore, IDP will discuss recruitment strategies being used in Canada’s competitor markets and the lessons that can be learned from them.

Session Speakers

Ed Kelly

Head of Client Partnerships

IDP Connect (UK)

Elle Butler

Head of Marketing, North America

IDP Connect

Ryan Fleming

Client Director

IDP Connect USA

Tal Sethi

Client Relations Manager

IDP Connect Canada