College Readiness: Start SMART (Strategies for Mindful Academic Readiness Training) (E/SI)

April 25, 2022 | 4:00 - 5:00

Track: Thought Forum

The pandemic ignited a transformation in the way that we support students in their transition to post-secondary institutions. In keeping innovative, College of the North Atlantic developed a new program to assist and prepare students holistically called Start SMART (Strategies for Mindful Academic Readiness Training). Start SMART is an innovative three-day online workshop that introduced participants to learning strategies based on mindfulness, wellness, and the power of positive thinking, which ultimately promotes and fosters Student Leadership development throughout the student journey.

New students who participated in this readiness program engaged in three 4-hour sessions where they covered a wide range of topics that came to the forefront due to the pandemic. Mental health and well-being became a top priority since the beginning of the pandemic and this program highlighted individual strategies and supports available to promote academic success. Interactive strategies allowed students to become more familiar with available supports, how to build meaningful connections, understanding technology, useful apps for mental health and well-being, and mindful learning strategies.

Session Speakers

Frank Williams

Guidance Counsellor

College of the North Atlantic

Jeff Martin

Director of Student Experience

College of the North Atlantic

Robin Regular


College of the North Atlantic

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