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Centres for Teaching and Learning: High Impact Agents of Change (E) (HE.16)

Track: Hacking Education

As societal trends and issues continue to add tension to both the functional and cultural aspects of colleges and universities, terms such as ‘innovation’ and ‘transformation’ have become common threads in the strategic dialogue regarding higher education’s ability to respond to the social, technological, economic, and political trends taking shape in the world around us. However, institutional leaders continue to grapple with an authoritative explanation of what innovation and transformation mean in the context of academic research, pedagogies, and organizational structures.

Centres for Teaching and Learning (CTLs) often play a role in supporting and promoting the systems and models associated with these evolving practices. With this comes the expectation that they will both embody and promote creative approaches and innovative methods to support institutional strategic initiatives. Yet, the ability to cultivate and sustain an influential climate of innovation that effectively responds to the ever-changing institutional demands being imposed on them can pose an ongoing challenge for CTL leadership.

This session addresses the conditional factors that can either enhance or impede a centre-wide atmosphere that enables efficacy in teamwork and opportunities for innovative and creative responses to institutional priorities.

Session Speakers

Erin Howard

Associate Dean - Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation

Lethbridge College

Jackie Doherty

Dean, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation

Lethbridge College

Kyle Snowdon

Senior Manager - Library and Digital Learning

Lethbridge College

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