Building Internal Innovation Capacity: Approaches to helping Industry Partners Respond and Grow (E/SI)

April 24, 2023 | 8:00 am - 9:00 am

Stream: Building and maintaining strong Industry Partnerships
Location: 513
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Colleges and institutes play a key role in driving community and industry innovation and building a sustainable economy for the future. As applied research partners pursue new and emerging markets and opportunities, colleges and institutes must continue to meet this new demand for expertise in a wide range of fields and sectors.

This self-moderated panel discussion will explore the theme of collective intelligence in an educational context that leverages our diverse knowledge, skills, and perspectives to address challenges and achieve shared goals. Humber and Mohawk will each showcase an initiative and its impact on the institution’s capabilities to meet the critical needs of their communities and strategically grow their opportunities to attract new partners.

Two approaches to applied research capacity building will be shared, with the presenters reflecting upon how their college’s priorities and applied research opportunities informed the two different, but complimentary approaches.

· With a focus on the individual researcher’s journey, Mohawk will share how it launched the Applied Researcher Pathway as a framework to develop promising faculty and staff into applied research experts. The structured pathway takes the large goal of “doing” applied research and breaks the process into five manageable stages.

· Prioritizing the interconnectedness of its entire innovation ecosystem, Humber will share how its interdepartmental approach to helping industry partners respond and grow has helped build strategic partnerships and applied research capacity through interdisciplinary, interdepartmental collaborations.

Andrea Johnson, General Manager, Centre for Emerging Research Initiatives, Mohawk College
Ginger Grant, Dean, Office of Research and Innovation, Humber College
Jeff McIsaac, Dean, Engineering Technology & Aviation, Mohawk College
Tyler Charlebois, Director, Centres of Innovation (COI) Network and Partnership Development, Humber College
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