Building Essential Skills for Students and Mentors through Global Virtual Teams (E/SI)

April 27, 2021 | 2:15 - 3:00

Track: Going Global

The COVID-19 crisis has become a catalyst for change in the workplace, increasing the value of essential employability / 21st century skills such as digital fluency, communication, collaboration, systems thinking, and problem solving to address common social, environmental, and economic challenges. With the global pandemic restricting physical study and work abroad opportunities, there is a unique and vital opportunity to leverage global academic partnerships to create virtual collaboration spaces for students to develop and apply these skills.

In Summer 2020 Humber envisioned and ran the successful “Beyond COVID-19: Global Systems Gap Challenge” which involved 390 students and 125 faculty and staff working in together in virtual teams across 27 countries around the world. Using this experience as a case study, presenters will facilitate discussion on the elements to develop a successful global virtual team initiative. The topics covered in the session will add to the conversation in global teaching and learning practice on virtual mobility, elements of a successful global team, support framework, defining measurable essential skill learning outcomes, and assessment methods.

Session Speakers

Rebecca Fitzgerald

Associate Director, International Mobility and Strategic Partnerships

Humber College

Rebecca Trautwein

Manager, Global Learning and Engagement

Humber College

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