Building a Culture of Wellness (E)

May 7, 2019 | 15:30 - 16:15

Location: 221
Track: Student Success

Current research suggests that the age at which many young people attend post-secondary school is also the age of onset for many mental health disorders. Further, mental health concerns have been shown to have a negative impact on students’ academic achievement, perception of stress, and overall mental health functioning. The purpose of the following study was to assess the impact of participation in various wellness programming initiatives on students’ mental health and stress, with a particular focus on early intervention and first-year students. Through this research project, the following questions were explored: (1) Did participation in wellness programming improve GPA / retention? (2) Did participation in wellness programming help reduce self-reported stress and improve mental health (ie: decrease anxiety levels / reduce depressive symptoms)? The presentation will share the results of the study, the research protocol and the next steps.

Session Speakers

Heather Cummings

Executive Director, Student Success

Fanshawe College

Lindsey McGuire


Fanshawe College

Suzanne Book

Director, Counselling & Accessibility Services

Fanshawe College

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