Boosting the digital ecosystem via skills development and networking (F/SI)

April 26, 2022 | 12:45 - 1:45

Location: Argyle A2
Track: Navigating the Economy

The Collège d’Alma and its research centre/collaborative laboratory (COlab) favour an agile and innovative approach focusing on learning in action within a co-development model, i.e., a learner ecosystem. This approach seeks to consolidate and reinforce the capacity of regional socio-economic actors to assist with digital projects undertaken by SMEs while developing their knowledge and skills in the fields of digital technology and the digital economy. The underlying goal is to foster the emergence of a coherent and competent public network in support of Quebec’s digital transformation. This ecosystem will be created by developing and implementing two learning pathways: 1) one focusing on generalists, i.e. geared towards individuals working for companies and socio-economic organizations; and 2) another pathway focusing on specialists via the development of “digital advisor” skills. A set of shared methodologies, tools and reference frameworks will be produced and made available to these stakeholders to extend their scope of action. A network will also be created within innovation collectives to contribute to digital advisors’ praxis development.

Session Speakers

Josée Ouellet

Directrice générale

Collège d'Alma

Sébastien Renaud

Directeur de la formation continue, Entreprises et Collectivités

Collège d'Alma

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