At Home, Globally: How teaching Biculturalism and Sustainability in New Zealand informs Local Identity (E/SI)

May 4, 2020 | 11:15 - 12:15

Location: 510
Track: Going Global

The CICan partnership model has promoted a global relationship that in turn has allowed for the creation of a unique education opportunity. Developed by Otago Polytechnic and Humber College, the New Zealand Summer Studies Programme is an initiative that gives learners from Canada the opportunity to have a truly international experience centred on understanding a bicultural, indigenous-based perspective on partnership development alongside the duties of stewardship and living with the natural environment.

This presentation will investigate how the partners committed to challenging learners to question others’ preconceptions about their identity by taking them out of their familiar and embedding them within a unique cultural and environmental space. This conversation will outline the experiences, learning opportunities and innovative assessments that are designed to dislocate the learner, allow them to take stock of their own home environments, and to relocate the learnings back in their own context. In doing this, learners are challenged to make a difference by learning globally and acting locally.

Session Speakers

Regina Hartwick

Acting Director, Indigenous Education

Humber College

Ronald Bull

Tumuaki Whakaako

Otago Polytechnic

Sage Petahtegoose


Humber College

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