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Arts, design and technology: Making interdisciplinary partnerships work across sectors (E) (DI.2)

Track: Driving Innovation

Sheridan College has long been recognized for its expertise and reputation in the creative and performing arts, but now, this expertise also contributes to a vibrant, interdisciplinary culture of research and innovation on campus that leverages, among others, Sheridan’s strengths in advanced manufacturing and mobile computing. The Directors of three of Sheridan’s Research Centres (the Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT, David Dexter), the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technology (CAMDT, Saleh Jiddawi), and the Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI, Dr. Edward Sykes) will discuss ways in which they successfully work across Faculties and sectors to create truly interdisciplinary applied research collaborations. They will also share case study examples of times where they have worked together, as centres, to apply for funding, develop partnerships, and complete research projects. This panel presentation will be moderated by the Director of Sheridan’s Centre for Elder Research (CER, Dr. Lia Tsotsos), another research group that has developed a reputation for bringing interdisciplinary perspectives to the study of aging and has also supported the panelists in previous projects.

Session Speakers

David Dexter

Director, Screen Industries Research and Training Centre

Sheridan College

Edward Sykes

Director, Centre for Mobile Innovation

Sheridan College

Lia Tsotsos

Director, Centre for Elder Research

Sheridan College

Saleh Jiddawi

Manager and Interim Director, Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies

Sheridan College