An Unbalanced Balance Sheet: Canada’s Educational Debt to Developing Nations (E/SI)

April 25, 2023 | 10:15 am - 11:15 am

Stream: Transforming Leadership and Governance
Location: 520 ABC

Canada and its postsecondary sector benefit greatly from international student enrolment – it’s a $20B gain to our economy. Arguably, this revenue stream has saved institutions from insolvency, fueled community growth, spurred local economic and social development, and allowed for unprecedented investment in facilities and services. Moreover, many graduates remain in Canada, even further enriching our communities. Our success necessarily leads us to consider not merely how we internationalize our institutions, but what debt we owe to the international community. The balance sheet is anything but balanced.International graduates benefit greatly from their Canadian studies, as do the communities to which they return. However, offshore education can never meet the need for access to quality education in low- and middle-income countries, nor would this be appropriate. Such demand must be met by increasing access to quality higher education at local institutions. Though some colleges, institutes, and polytechnics engage in such capacity building, our collective engagement in supporting institutions in developing nations is lacklustre when compared to the gains we’ve accumulated from international students. Join this panel discussion to learn about Academics Without Borders and the remarkable work of colleges in supporting institutional capacity building.Canadian institutions will learn how to export their skills and knowledge in response to the needs of institutions worldwide, and international guests will have the opportunity to connect with the Executive Director of Academics Without Borders, Dr. Greg Moran.

Ann Buller, President Emeritus, Centennial College
Greg Moran, Executive Director, Academics Without Borders
Kevin Pitts, Professor, Seneca College
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