Aiming for authenticity, reciprocity and sustainability when fostering Indigenous perspectives and knowledge within non-Indigenous institutions (F/SI)

April 25, 2023 | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Stream: Advancing Indigenous Education
Location: 520 DEF

The refinement of our collective intelligence with respect to the implementation and perpetuation of decolonization and Indigenization processes in post-secondary institutions appears to be essential. Considering the historical context and current developments affecting the First Peoples and our relationships with them, major shifts in position, together with sustainable and authentic commitments, are required. How do we develop reflexes and attitudes enabling non-Indigenous institutions, which are used to operating in a certain way, to rethink their institutional practices and structures, as well as their internal relationships? How do we preserve and enhance the foregrounding of Indigenous experts invested in the process? What place should be set aside for doubt and cultural humility? How can we rethink a culture of “measurable results at any price” that characterizes our institutions? How do we engage our communities in difficult and uncomfortable, yet necessary, conversations? What approaches should be put forward to foster a better infusion of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives within institutional departments and services? The first part of this session will focus on experience sharing by the guest speakers who, from their respective positions (managers/instructors), will offer potential responses to complex and delicate questions based on concrete examples and milestones derived from the Indigenization process at Ahuntsic College. In the second part of the session, (small group discussions), participants will be asked to identify tangible tools and opportunities serving to launch or consolidate decolonizing initiatives with a view to ensuring that they remain inclusive, embodied, authentic and sustainable.

Julie Gauthier, Enseignante et conseillère pédagogique, Collège Ahuntsic
Nathalie Vallée, Directrice générale, Collège Ahuntsic