Accessibility and Student Academic Support: A collaborative professional approach aimed at closing the gap for all students (E/SI)

April 28, 2021 | 2:15 - 3:00

Track: Wiring for Student Success

Academic Support Services, Intercultural Student Supports and Accessibility Services at Olds College have been restructured within the same department, our Teaching and Learning Centre of Innovation (TLCI). This restructure aligned with a movement away from the medical model for Accessibility Services and “othering” of diverse student populations on campus. We will discuss the ways that this change in our professional approach has allowed us to coordinate supports for students and move away from a medical model toward a more inclusive approach for both our accommodated and International students.

Our shared presence in one department has fostered information sharing, data collection, case conferencing, and the provision of targeted support while minimizing the “othering” of students registered with Accessibility and International students. With the coordination of approaches, we opened our Test Centre to all students, and an eProduction team member was designated to provide student tech support for Accessibility.

Session Speakers

Anna Morgan-Wold

Student and Faculty Learning Coach, Intercultural Focus, Teaching and Learning Centre of Innovation

Olds College

Jodi-Lynn Jackson

Manager, Accessibility Services, Teaching and Learning Centre of Innovation

Olds College

Sarah Ferguson

Manager, Student Experience and Educational Design, Teaching and Learning Centre of Innovation

Olds College

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