60 Year Curriculum: How to Maintain Colleges as Lifelong Learning Hubs (E/SI)

May 4, 2020 | 09:30 - 10:30

Location: 512 A-G
Track: Wiring for Student Success

The labour market is demanding that individuals regularly engage in ongoing learning, and their choices are endless. From MOOCs to bootcamps to university skills training programming, colleges face significant challenges when it comes to standing out in a highly-competitive market.

The 60 Year Curriculum model can help to take the lifelong learning philosophy many college leaders share and turn it into practice. The model suggests reframing colleges as conscious hubs of lifelong learning that are regularly present, and actively engaged, in the continuous growth of their students. From rethinking program models to reframing career services, this presentation will explore how applying the fundamentals of the 60 Year Curriculum model can position colleges for continued success and impact into the future. It will also frame the importance of a “full court press” from every corner of the college in executing on this vision.

Session Speakers

Amrit Ahluwalia

Managing Editor

The EvoLLLution

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